This provides them a way to meet and ride a bicycle

The children ran out of their homes and saw a truck parked outside, filled with bicycles and helmets of various colors and sizes.

Today, Switchin’s Gears and “Every Child’s Bike” brought her a pink helmet and a bike covered with mermaids, which she has wanted since March.

As more and more people stay at home and switch to outdoor sports, the demand for bicycles has skyrocketed. Due to the trade war, many manufacturers are not ready yet.

Dusty Casteen, the head of Switchin’Gears, said: “There are not many bicycles entering our country, so we try to refurbish the bikes we can find. Send them out to bring them to the community. Come and be more happy.”

“I think it will help a lot of kids and get them out of their plight, you know? I don’t think people will realize that they have also lost the community. This provides them a way to meet and ride a bicycle.”

Post time: Oct-28-2020