There are skills for buying baby strollers. Experts will teach you how to choose and buy baby carriages correctly

Focus on product quality and safety, provide the most authoritative quality release, the most professional testing institutions, the highest level of expert interpretation, to create a quality life. So how should consumers buy qualified and easy-to-use strollers?

The reporter conducted random interviews in some supermarkets, and many citizens said that the most important thing to pay attention to when buying baby strollers is the quality and comfort of the products.

Consumer Nie told reporters that the first thing is the wheel. She thinks it should be the anti-skid one. Then it is more comfortable to sit and lie down, for children. Some cars have too much back and waist, especially when lying down. It’s better to have cushions under them.

But the consumer Ms. Li thinks, the purchase baby carriage is generally first comfortable, the child, the comfortable aspect. It’s comfortable to sit. Just push the child.

“We should pay attention to the quality problem. The price is reasonable, the quality is better, and the cost performance is high. The specific thing is to pay attention to safety, it must be strong, the child sitting on it is not easy to fall off. ” Consumer Ms. Wang said.

Experts told reporters that parents should first of all according to the children’s different ages to buy strollers.

Baby stroller salesman Zhang Ying told reporters that if it is a newborn, it should be multi-functional, lying on the back and sitting on the multi-functional car, beneficial to the growth of children. After six months, the area will be larger. You can choose to sit alone instead of lying down, because he has less sleep at that time. Then if it is about one year old, change into a small tricycle, can ride can sit, more conducive to the growth of children.

Experts said that good quality baby carriages have no sharp edges, tips and protrusions in the areas accessible to children. At the same time, some protrusions should have protective facilities such as safety belts and sponge pads.

“As children, they are more disobedient and look around in the car. If there is no safety belt, it is easy for the child to fall off the car. Whether there is a sponge belt at the seat belt interface position is also used for protection. If it is very tight, or very loose, and easy to open, it will also have a certain impact on the baby’s body Heze City Industry and Commerce Bureau consumer rights and interests protection section member Shan Liang said.

Experts believe that parents should try more on-site to see whether the car body is firm and carry the weight of the body. The heavier the body is, the more stable and safe it is. At the same time, the tire of the baby carriage should have shock absorption, braking and other functions.

Post time: Nov-25-2020