How to choose a stroller?


The size of baby carriage is the first factor to be considered. If it’s too small, it’s definitely impossible, because babies grow up very quickly in infancy, If the picture is convenient, you start to buy a relatively small pram. After a few months, you will find that with the growth of the baby, it becomes inappropriate, and you have to buy a new one. Of course, the size problem also includes the size after folding. If you take the baby out, you will put the pram in the trunk. Only if the size is small enough after folding, can you use it It’s convenient.


The weight of the pram is also a factor to consider. Sometimes you have to carry the baby with you, such as when you go downstairs or in crowded places, you will realize how wise it is to buy a light stroller.

3.Internal structure

Some of the baby carriages can change the internal structure, such as sitting or lying. When lying down, the baby carriage is covered with a small mosquito net. If it is done, there is a tablet in front of the baby, which is similar to a small table, so that you can put the bottle and so on.

4.Accessory design

Some baby carriages are designed reasonably. For example, there are many humanized designs. There are places where bags can be hung, and places for baby’s essential items, such as milk bottles and toilet paper. If there are such designs, it will be more convenient to go out.

5.Wheel stability

When choosing a stroller, you should also look at the number of wheels, the material of the wheel, the diameter of the wheel, and the turning performance of the car, and whether it is easy to operate flexibly.

6.Safety factor

Because the baby’s skin is more delicate, you must look at the car’s outer surface and various edges and corners when choosing a baby carriage. You should choose a more smooth and smooth surface, and do not have large edges and unsmooth car surface, so as to avoid hurting the baby’s delicate skin.

Post time: Nov-25-2020