2 in 1 new balance bike 12″ 14″ 16″

Balance Bike/Bicycle a perfect combination unique design concept
From two years to ten years. Two -way regulation of growth.
Very card buckle adjust seat height with one bottom.
Widen the antiskid Kilter Green tires
Excellent grip, more stable driving no speed of steering is easy to slip.
Aluminium alloy cutter ring light weight does not rust.
Professional level high density mute bearing
High speed idling is smooth and noiseless labor-saving cycling, suitable for all kinds of roads.
Security sensitive small grip brake.
Upgrade sensitive safety rear brake safer riding
Rotate handlebars 360° Goose head aluminum alloy stand.
360° degree rotation is easier to handle reduce the radius limit and race effortlessly.
New high carbon steel Argon arc welding of whole vehicle.
Two modes.
The child learned to ride quickly
The two modes are suitable for children of different ages from childhood to adulthood, it’s fun.
60S lossless arbitrary switching.
Product details analysis.
  • non-slip grip. The hand feels comfortable, it does not hurt the hand.
  • antiskid safety detachable foot.
  • solid leg dock safety.
Suitable for height
Suitable for age
2-10  years old
Weighing fairy cheese
75 Kgs
 Product Size
                     Package Weight
                       Package Size
       12  inch
                             9.0  KG
                      86*18*52 cm
        14  inch
                              9.6  KG
                      96*18*56 cm
        16  inch
                              10.2 KG
                      110*18*60 cm
        Unit  Pirce
              1  pcs
              20 pcs
               60 pcs
             200 pcs
             12 inch
              49.0 usd
             39.9 usd
              35.5 usd
            29.5  usd
              14 inch
              51.0 usd
             41.5 usd
              36.6  usd
            30.5  usd
              16 inch
              53.0 usd
             43.0 usd
               37.7  usd
             31.5  usd


2 in 1 balance bike

Post time: Apr-20-2021